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GMC c5500: 2008 c5500 with 8000 miles on total . I changed

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2008 c5500 with 8000 miles on total . I changed oil and filters including fuel started and ran an 1500 for a minute let it idle down then it stalled and hasnt started since no fuel coming up the fuel line to the filter housing when we took the line of to watch .5 times the fuel filter was filled up installed and would run down to 2/3 empty prior to this only the service oil wrench light came on now there is a p0087 code it will start with a little either but not run long by itself
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try and help you today. GM has a bulletin with their lighter duty trucks with about the rubber hoses that run along the transmission can collapse blocking fuel off from the filter and the engine. I would start with that. Visually check the fuel lines (especially the rubber sections) from the tank to the filter for damage, kinks, or other possible flow restrictions. Let me know if you find the issue, if not we can move to the next step.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i read that bulletin in my alldata and checked how does the fuel system on that 2008 c5500 6.6l work is it a vaccumn draw?up untill the fuel filter and oil change it ran perfectly. only the service oil wrench light on is there a priming method as there is NO fuel coming out at the lines right at the filter housing when cranking.i found that there isnt a supply pump all depends on the main high pressure pumpand a completely intact system

It still sounds like there is an obstruction in the line(or the line itself). If it is not the lines themselves, it might be in the tank. The pump is gear drivien and it is not usual for those to go durring a filter change. Did you have any issues prior to the filter change? When your priming the filter, are you doing it with the priming button or are you adding fuel from an external source? If the priming button works but then the engine can't pull fuel under vacuum then it definitely sounds like you have a section of rubber fuel hose that is colapsing under engine vacuum, but still strong enough to to stay open through priming.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks dave but i went through all that no issues before and no to the adding from an external source i back traced and dug up some more info to find out more on how the system actually works from start to finish.[ like a j.d.tractor]and got it running thanks