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Suzuki XL7: trying to pull the passenger side rear axle from

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trying to pull the passenger side rear axle from a 2002 Suzuki xl7. The abs sensor is off, the four backing nuts are off. My axle puller does not fit on the lugs. Ive flipped the drum around backwards to us as a slide hammer wihout success. ANy ideas???
There is a special tool to get the job done. Some places rent them but I have the steps. Inside the steps you will see the part number for the special tool. You can contact your parts stores to see if any of them rent the tool needed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Any idea on which part stores these part numbers corespond with?


They will be able to cross refrence it possibly at the auto zone. If not you can attempt to find a larger slide hammer that you can get into place. If you cannot get one you will be forced to order the tool's online. If there is a place in town that works on these they will have the tool on hand maybe borrowing it could be arranged. I know these will be stubborn and just need that extra boom to pop off so let me know. Thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the axle pdf. I'm an amatur mechanic but this looks way too invovled for me since I don't hav e the long pullers or press. Can this be done with out the press or long pullers to pull off the wheel bearing and wheel retainer?



Thanks for the reply, like I stated earlier to get that off you need to get a larger slide hammer is going to be your best option. They are very stubburn and will come with force. You can man handle it without damage but this is the only way they will break lose. Once you get it lose the other step is achieved without the special tool. You can pound the wheel bearing off the hub with a small sledge and some muscle. It is much harder to do but if you do not have the tool's it is still possible doing it as stated above.

Let me know if you have follow up questions, thanks.
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