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Suzuki Forenza: I have a 2007 Suzuki Forenza 5speed manual.

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I have a 2007 Suzuki Forenza 5speed manual. It started running bad. Have replace the O2 sensor, valve gasket cover, cleaned the catalytic converter, changed spark plugs. It still is surging while at idle. It will cut off if your rpms drop to suddenly. It absolutely HATES when you put gas in it. It refuses to start unless you push the gas pedal in and reve it up really hard. It will also sometimes cut off when in the middle of a turn, say into a parking lot. Once again, when the rpm's drop it wants to shut off or surge from 900rpms to say 1200 rpms. When sitting at idle it will do ok then all of a sudden it starts to surge again. Sometimes shutting off and others will go back to idle at(NNN) NNN-NNNNpms. What the hell is wrong? Thank you! Robin Bridges
Hello Sir or Madam and thank you for your question!
Is the check engine light on?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It came on right before I parked it for 4mths. Then we figured it was the converter and couldn't afford to replace it, so had a mechanic friend tell us what to do to clean it. Cleared the computer and it hasn't come on again as yet.

Thank you for the info.
How long have you had it back on the road after this 4 months of it being parked?
In other words, did you just start driving it again yesterday or has it been a while?
Let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was driven during the 4mths, but has been driven daily since this past Saturday. Took it to get inspected and they said the converter wasn't hot enough. So I hauled ass around town and down a hwy for a while and after that it sat at idle for a full total of say 30-45mins (that included driving time). Still said it wasn't hot enough. I need to pass inspection, but most of all I want my paid for car to run the way it should. Even after all we done, it's still doing the same thing. Could it be something with the fuel injectors or idle air control, etc. I'm at a loss. And I'm a woman, just so you know I'm not a sir...:-)

Ok Robin, I have a few ideas as to what may be happening here.
First of all, when the idle is searching like this it is usually a vacuum leak. To test for this you will have to have the engine running and then spray some carb cleaner along the intake and any vacuum lines. If the idle smooths out, or the speed increases, then you have found the vacuum leak.
That being said, it is very interesting that the car doesn't want to start after you fill it with fuel.
The car has a part called a purge solenoid. This part usually opens when the engine is running to pull the fuel vapors out of the charcoal canister. If it is stuck open, when you fill the car, the fuel vapors will flood the engine. This sounds like a very big possibility because when you fill up, it won't start unless you treat it like it's flooded and hold your foot to the floor.
I would have your mechanic check into that bigtime simply because I think it is flooding out, but this will also cause an internal vacuum leak that may be causing the surging.
At this time I think either of these might be causing the issue. Sometimes and actually most times that purge solenoid valve will not cause the check engine light to come on.
Hope this helps!
Please be sure to let me know if you need further assistane, if not, please be sure to rate my answer. If you are here on a free trial, a rating is still required.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We also just replaced the IAH. That hose that goes from the air filter box to the trottle body. Ours was rotted for some reason. We Thought that would help. Is that one of the vacuum lines your were referring too? Next question: The purge solenoid..can I replace this myself? Would you reconfirm where the vacuum lines I might need to spray to find a leak? I know a lot about cars, but this is just baffling me.

I don't have a good diagram of the purge solenoid, but it is located on the driver side under the hood. Here is the diagram I do have.
This is something you can replace on your own.
As for the vacuum lines, no specific diagram of their locations, but you will be able to see them.
The info on the Suzuki brand name is XXXXX XXXXX Even with my professional manuals. But spraying will locate a leak in a hurry typically.

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