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cruz: hi, i have a 2009 holden cruz recently the radiator hose

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hi, i have a 2009 holden cruz recently the radiator hose blew and coolant went into engine and electronics a report indicated no compression. a mechanic wants to charge me $670 just to look at it and see if its a head gasket or need a new engine. to me it sounds expensive for labour just to look at it? thanks sharon qld australia.
Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you with this problem.
im sorry your having this problem
is the $ 670 a quote for removing the cylinder head ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes just to pull it out and tell me what is wrong....

Sharon they are quoting you the labor to remove and replace the cylinder head

if they remove the head ( which is more then likely warped and will need a new head gasket ) and you repair it with them they will not charge you the labor for the head gasket and the 670

the 670 is the labor to remove the head

they will not double charge you at all

shops will quote the labor for the head gasket or 1/2 the head gasket labor time to remove the head then if you say to fix it they charge you the other half

if you say no they get paid 1/2 the labor which is removing and inspecting the cylinder head


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the 670 is just to remove and look they said then will be extra charges to repair the head gasket or replace the motor. i phoned and asked them so i think its too expensive just to tell me what is wrong.

ok if there is no compression it more than likely got hot enough o damage the head gasket and possibly the head

if your feeling you should go to another shop I agree

something is wrong with this shop if you think already they are not being fair with prices

its better to take the car to another shop

and if you feel that way get the car out before they take it apart

get it to another shop and ask for a quote for a complete used engine and a quote for fixing your engine in the car now

if the cost to just tear down your engine now is that high and you can get a used engine for that cheap it makes sense to put the used engine in this car v/s fixing the old one

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