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RAV4 AWD: 2001 RAV4 AWD, 185K kms. Stalling and harsh shifting

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2001 RAV4 AWD, 185K kms. Stalling and harsh shifting immediately after car detailed, included engine cleaning. Other electrical problems included seat belt light remaining on even after seat belt on and erratic fuel gauge needle. Shop did some air pressure drying of fuse box and other electrical wires/sensors. Car ran fine for 3 days, but the problem of the stall/shifting is recurring. Check engine light came on and after overnight wasn't on. Has since come on with a code 0755. Mechanic that the detail shop sent me to says its Transmission solenoid B malfunction. Sorry for the verbosity...Any explanation/advise? Thanks


If this car ran perfect before detailing and now these issues exist - I would definitely believe water intrusion under hood - has gotten into some of the under hood wiring/sensors directly - and/or the fuse panel may have taken a hit as well..


The best advice is this. Go to a repair shop near your home - that specializes in electrical repairs and diagnostics. Or a Toyota Dealer. They should inspect all the harness connections under hood and dry them out if/as needed. And, all under hood fuse panels too.


First step, is to dry out and replace blown fuses (if any) From there, each individual circuit can be inspected as required. Yes, the code you have is for Shift Sol B. Check transmission fluid and wiring for water intrusion too! Water could have easily hit Transmission Wiring. But, also may have gotten inside trans - via fill or vent tubes under hood.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks. All of the visible areas under the hood have been dried out, including spark plug Boots/wells. The transmission fluid is clear. Are you able to give me a general verbal schematic of the transmission wiring/harness path, so as to be able to track/check it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
One thing I omitted to mention, since all this has happened within the last week, is that the symptoms of harsh shifting, loss of power, launching on second or third gear and/or hard engagement when it is put in reverse are intermittent, without any obvious corelation.

Hi Again,

Just a note, even after wiring and fuses appear dry, there can be resistance/corrosion in these circuits -or- the water has "wicked up" into wiring. That's correct, the flow of electrons over wiring - can actually "carry" water up into the insulation and cause crazy issues. The water, would then be between insulation and wiring, at that point, for examples sake.. And this changes resistance of circuit and will cause malfunctions.

I can tell you this much right now - without having to be at work tomorrow where I'd pull up exact wiring details - all Transmissions in cars and light trucks are basic w/ wiring. The trans wiring can easily be identified - because the plug ins, are somewhere on transmission case directly. The trans has wiring for things like Selection / P/N Sensors or Switches. Turbine Speed Sensors A and B. (VSS aka speed sensor in general) Reverse Light Switch, Valve body/Solenoid Harnesses and so on. Yes, there is some wiring - but any wiring AT TRANS itself is trans wiring and nothing else. And - all of it can be disconnected and checked for water damage.

Be very happy no water is inside trans. If this ever happens the trans is GONE and needs a full rebuild. Because, the water makes the GLUE that holds the clutch material to the STEELS - Fall off. In other words, the clutch plates are steel discs with Clutch Material Glued on. Water will always break down glue and trans is then shot. I hope this advice and Answer has helped and that you accept it. I will be here even after the fact as needed.

LASTLY if these issues are intermittent please have a good shop test and check Power/Ground cables at battery - and also - ALL ENGINE and TRANS Main Grounds. Then, clear all check engine light stuff - meaning, clear trans and engine codes and retest. If codes are stored, your vehicle (trans codes) MAY BE in 'LIMP IN' MODE - and that causes trans to start off (from dead stop) in 2nd or 3rd gear and NOT first. Thank You!

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