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Infiniti Q45: 1) 2002 Q45 TPMS programming? Firestone shop

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1) 2002 Q45 TPMS programming? Firestone shop replaced a faulty (got old??) TPMS and now the tire warning light comes on and Info display shows astericks. They say only Dealer can program the new sensor ? Dealers want $150 do do it 'flat charge to hook up to the computer!!! What are my options?
2)How do I program the garage door opener on the sun visor?
3) Fans come on OK if engine heats up, but do not come on when A/C compressor is running at stops or slow speed. Builds up high pressures and really works the compressor hard. How to get the fan to come on .

Wife's 2005 Q45 fan comes on in a few seconds after A/C compressor comes on---like I think the 2002 should. Help please

good evening my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you tonight.


As far as the tire sensor, there is no procedure for programming it without a scan tool. the price is about right considering that the cost of the scan tool, paying a tech to do it and the dealer profit. dealers are always the most expensive for any repairs.if you find a shop with the correct scan tool. you may save yourself a bit of money.


We address only one concern per question but I will help you with the others. the code for the garage door opener is done through a computer as well. the dealer should help you with as well.


the ac fan should come on when the high pressure exceeds 150 lbs. the switch on the high pressure side whether in the line or compressor sends a signal to the pcm which grounds the relay for the fan operation. the switch should be tested.



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