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Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited: On a 2006 Town Car are

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On a 2006 Town Car are the rear door supposed to unlock when you operate the door handles from the inside?

Both front doors will unlock when the inside handle is operated but the rears do not, there is a "tension" in the handle and a "bong" noise that makes me thing the rod is bound up or something. Child locks are not set to on, when set to on however the tension and bong noise are gone. With the door unlocked handle operates as expected.

I am trying to verify the correction operation before I go taking the panels off. Seems odd that both rear doors would have the same issue.

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With the child protection locks turned off if you pull the inside handle then the doors should unlock and open. If they're not unlocking and opening then you definitely have something going on in the latches. You're definitely going to need to start by removing the door panels and having a look at the external lock linkage, with your symptoms I believe you'll find the external linkage is ok then the problem is going to be in the latches themselves.



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