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Porsche Cayman: I own a 2011 MY12 Porsche Cayman. Changing

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I own a 2011 MY12 Porsche Cayman. Changing into 1st gear is difficult and sometimes impossible without going to neutral and then trying again. This happens at low speed or even when stationary. Is this normal.
Hello and thank you for your question

If you only having this type of problem when the engine is running then in most cases this type of problem would point towards the transmission have a bad first gear synchronizer. I would have them checked as its most like the problem your having.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Ron,


The problem of engaging 1st gear can sometimes be overcome by pushing the gearstick very hard left (almost clipping the reverse gear indent). 1st gear will then engage as smooth as butter.


Can this be an adjustment of the cables, problems with shifter (standard shifter) or selector forks in the gearbox.


I have taken the car to the local Porsche Centre (Canberra, Australia) and they inform the first gear issue is normal for all 987/997 manual gearboxes.


Having driven around 1,000,000km on manual Alfa, BMW, Toyota, Subaru etc the gearbox feels far from normal.


Regards, Peter

If you having to force its then it likely internal in the transmission, most likely the synchronizer in the transmission. Its not normal, the shifter should feel like all the other cars you have listed, even more so, its a Porsche which is higher quality.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Ron,

I would expect the Porsche to have a better shift than say a Subaru. I have booked the car into the Porsche Centre again and they said they will have a thorough look at the problem.


Regards, Peter