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Winstar: Ford winstar 2003 Vin 2FMZA50403BB01011 cabin lights

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Ford winstar 2003 Vin 2FMZA50403BB01011 cabin lights will go on and off and click off after about 15 minutes if left on. But I would like these cabin lights to go on when doors open. The switch seems to work normally.

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One of the door witches is not working correctly giving the signal to turn off the lights. I have one and had the same issue. it was the drivers door switch, the door used the most.

The reason they go off after 15 minutes is the light control module does this to prevent the battery from going dead.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What is the best way to fix that will wd 40 help that or can I replace switch?
in order to find the switch at fault, you need a scan tool to access the light control module. it will indicate the door at fault. do you have access to a scan tool?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No I don't. What is the approximate cost for one.? Two of the door locks don't work does that affect the problem of I replace them?

no, door locks will not effect this. the switches are on the door latch. mine was part of the door latch and I had to purchase the latch to get the switch. thats why I dont want to guess as it can get real expensive real quick


it would be cheaper to have a shop read the light control module for you and print it out than spend 1500-2000 for a scan tool.



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