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Mazda rx8: i have a o2 sensor problem on my Mazda rX8 error

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i have a o2 sensor problem on my Mazda rX8
error code P2270 O2 sensor signal biassed/ stuck lean (bank 1 sensor 2)

does changing the o2 sensor solve this problem and where is this sensor located and how to replace it if I need to.. thanks

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In most cases, this is a faulty sensor. the only job that the rear sensors have is to monitor the cat converter. inspect the wiring around the sensor and connector to be sure there is no defect. it is located under the car behind the cat converter toward the rear of the car. it is secured by a 7/8 hex. there is a special socket for the sensor or you can use a 7/8 open end wrench.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello mate


can you clarify this as well please,


is it ok to drive with this fault or does it need to be repalced immediately and what effects does this fault have on the car



good day


no, you can drive the car this way. a faulty rear O2 sensor has no effect on engine performance. I would not delay too long in the repair but you can drive the way it is.



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