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2005 Ford Transit model VJ dual cab tray truck.

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I have a 2005 Ford Transit modelVJ dual cab tray truck. The dashboard is showing a red spanner and all electrics appear to work except speedo, tacho, and temp. gauge. Please could you throw some light on the problem. My mechanic has a plug in computer but he couldn't find the model on the list so nothing yet.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No answer yet.

Please respond.

Hello, I'm sorry you haven't had an answer sooner, I hope I can assist.

Can you confirm the fuel gauge works OK on the vehicle?

Let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to, but please bear in mind any time difference between Australia and the UK.

Many thanks.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Fuel gauge works.

Other gauges speedo, tacho, temp. gauge all move when key is turned on

but no response when engine is running

Hello again,

from the description you've given there is a communication issue between the instrument cluster and the engine management (PCM). All the non working gauges plus the red spanner (service light) need information from the PCM to operate correctly. All the information is sent on the CAN to the modules on the vehicle including the cluster. The fuel gauge is hardwired to the fuel sender in the tank, this is why this still works.

You can perform a self test on the cluster as follows,

Self-Diagnostic Mode

NOTE: The instrument cluster tripmeter reset button is located on
the right-hand side of the instrument cluster lens.

  1. To enter the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode
    simultaneously press and hold the tripmeter reset button and turn the ignition
    switch to position II. It will take between 5 and 8 seconds for the instrument
    cluster to enter the Self Diagnostic Mode.

  1. The tripmeter reset button must be released within 3 seconds
    of tESt being displayed in the tripmeter LCD, or the Self-Diagnostic Mode will

  1. The Self-Diagnostic Mode will enter the gauge sweep

  1. To navigate through or skip any of the instrument cluster
    Self-Diagnostic Mode tests press the tripmeter reset button.

  1. Record any DTCs displayed.

  1. If the reset button is pressed and held for more than 3
    seconds between tests, the instrument cluster will exit the Self-Diagnostic

  1. The Self-Diagnostic Mode is deactivated when the ignition
    switch is turned to the OFF position

The test numbers that are of interest are test 1 which makes all the gauge needles sweep, I suspect this will be OK due to the fuel gauge working.

Test 13 should display any DTCs that are cluster related, test 14 will show the vehicle speed in MPH in the LCD, test 15 will show KPH in the LCD and test 19 will display the RPM in the LCD. You can obviously do the self test with the engine running and driving the vehicle to check these signals. If when on the RPM the display is dashes this would confirm no signal from the PCM, if the RPM is displayed then this would indicate an internal cluster failure, if the cluster needs replacing then a new cluster needs to be programmed to the vehicle using Ford IDS or an equivalent tool.

Apart from the self test check the connector pins on the rear of the cluster and the fuses (there are 5 in the fuse box under the hood and 3 in the fuse box in the van for the cluster) and ground points for the cluster, the ground points should be on either side of the foot wells shown as G12 in the diagram below.


Other than this a diagnostic scan of the cluster is needed using either Ford IDS or an equivalent diagnostic tool, if there is no communication to the cluster from the tool and the fuses and earths are good then this would indicate a cluster failure.

I hope this helps but if I can assist further or if you require more information let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Sean,

I carried out the Self-diagnostic mode and the results are as follows :

Test 1 - yes, the gauges all did their sweep

Test 2 - all 8's

Test 3 - bulb

Test 4 - r 0207

Test 5 - nr 0207

Test 6 - EE 01

Test 7 - dt FFFF

Test 8 - Cc 08

Test 9 - CF1 00

Test 10 - CF2 00

Test 11 - CF3 00

Test 12 - CF4 00

Test 13 - dtc <> d262

Test 14 - E 0000

Test 15 - 0000

Test 16 - t5 nc

Test 17 - tr nc

Test 18 - 590077

Test 19 - t 0000

Test 20 - t 90091

Test 21 - F 140<>150

Test 22 - FP 136<>144

Test 23 - RF nc

Test 24 - RFP nc

Test 25 - 90000

Test 26 - - 40 C

Test 27 - C 90100

Test 28 - 0d0

Test 29 - bat 143

Test 30 - 1 L - 0


I could have continued but seeing you only mentioned Tests 1,13,15,19

Tests 14,15 and 19 did not produce revs or speed when driving

Test 13 produced dtc d262


What can you deduce from this ?


When you talk about footwells, are these where your feet are when motoring ?





Hello again,

d262 is a missing speed, tacho, engine temperature or odometer signal, if a diagnostic scan were carried out on the cluster the code would be U1262, this would explain the fact you don't see the speed or engine speed on the other tests.

With regard to the footwells yes this is where your feet are, the earth should be on the panel on the side of the footwell behind the rubber mat.

If you check the signal at pins 1 and 17 of the cluster connector, these are the CAN wires that the signals for the inoperative gauges use, pin 1 should be a blue/white wire, pin 17 should be a grey/violet wire, if there is no signals then the wiring needs checking from the cluster to the diagnostic connector, if it is a wiring fault then it will be between the cluster and the splice from the diagnostic connector as if it were a complete CAN failure the engine wouldn't start and other warning lights would be on.

If the signals to the cluster are OK then it is an internal cluster fault, although the cluster is detecting the missing signals these could still be going into the cluster OK but are then corrupted or broken either before or inside the cluster CPU.

Let me know if I can assist further.

Best regards,


sean, Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 3105
Experience: Certified Ford Master Technician. Technician since 1984.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Sean,


I am having a small disagreement with Customer service. I asked a second question minutes before I signed up for a free week. Actually it was to do with trying to navigate the website by a 'beginner '. They won't honour the free week for the timing mistake of a few minutes and I said they were being 'pedantic'. So, no further ratings or possible bonus until my second mistimed question is answered.

Thanks for your effort,


Hello again Kevin,

I'm sorry you're having problems, I don't expect any further rating or a bonus any message you receive will have been an automatic response. At the moment you're other question is locked by customer services so nobody can answer it at the moment anyway.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Sean,


Today I removed the gauges cluster and checked for signals to it.

Across 1 and 17 was a voltage just less than 4. When I started the engine there was no change in this signal but with engine revs it did reduce a little, maybe 1volt.

With 1 and earth, and 17 and earth, the voltage readings were much the same as between 1 and 17.

This sort of indicates to me that the signal is not appropriate to say operate the tacho. So maybe the signals are inappropriate.

What next ? I have sent out emails to wreckers and auto recyclers for availability of a 2nd hand gauge cluster. But maybe this is not the problem. Would Ford Tasmania be able to test the cluster ? There was an open circuit across terminals 1 and 17 of the cluster.



Hello again,
the 2 pins I mention are CAN wires , the information is sent on this network by all the modules on the vehicle, it is digital data, the only way to check the CAN signals is with a scope, even then you can only pick up the signal waveforms you can't identify individual signals, the voltage readings you get are the operating voltage of the CAN. You won't have any continuity between the pins as 1 pin is CAN positive and 1 is CAN negative.
I hope this clarifies hints for you but let me know if I can assist further.
Best wishes,