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Isuzu Frontier 3.2 V6 (coil on plugs): My Isuzu Frontier 3.2

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My Isuzu Frontier 3.2 v6 ( coil on plugs ) is overheating. When reving engine, the bottom radiator hose collapses like a vacuum. Glen
Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you with this problem.
when this overheats you are adding coolant because the coolant boiled out of the overflow?
have you ever had a cooant service performed?
how old is the thermostat in this truck ?
how long have you owned this truck ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Gary.

Yes, adding coolant because of boiling overflow. At last service they claim to have flushed the radiator. Have owned the truck for +- 5 years, second hand, and have never replaced thermostat. When truck boils I open radiator cap to refill and find small pieces of hard plastic inside. Truck is now on 250000 km. Have just started engine cold and bottom radiator hose is not collapsing. Seems to only happen when engine is overheating. Glen

Glen the problem is more than likely the lower hose collapsing
those lower hoses are supposed to have a spring on the inside of them to keep them from doing this
as if the hose is bad the pump will suck the hose closed
your best bet is to replace the upper and lower radiator hose and thermostat
also if in question also the radiator cap
since the engine had the radiator flushed it should not be restricted at all which would also cause the hose to do this
i feel simple hoses,rad cap and a thermostat will stop that hose from doing this
once that hose collapses it will over heat as the coolant can not flow
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