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Jaguar X type: I recently bought a 2006 X type. It has a musty

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I recently bought a 2006 X type. It has a musty smell when using the A/C. I replaced the cabin filter and still have the smell. I noticed that there is no puddle under the car when using the A/C and suspect the drain to be plugged. Where is the drain hose ?

Hello, I hope the following assists you.

The drain hose is next to where the heater coolant hoses connect to the heater core, follow the coolant hoses from the engine bay.

Below is a diagram to assist you.


Let me know if I can assist further.

Best wishes,


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am very sorry, I should have warned you I know very little on cars. Your answer did not help me much.....everything is so packed in I could not find the hoses.......would that hose being plugged cause my problem ? they plug ?

Hello again,

yes the air conditioning drain can block up with debris, when the air conditioning is turned on condensation drains from the heater box through this tube if the tube becomes blocked the condensation sits in the heater box and can become stagnant.


If you look at the picture above the heater pipes go from the engine bay into the body around the area between the inlet manifold (large silver part at the rear of the image) and the brake servo (round black part at top right with brake reservoir on top)

The pipes will be quite low down where they connect to the heater connections, the pipes are rubber black hoses around an inch in diameter.

Let me know if I can assist further.

Best regards,