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Saab 95 Turbo: I have a 2002 95 Saab Turbo. Has anyone had

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I have a 2002 95 Saab Turbo. Has anyone had a problem with the engine light staying on? The code number P1105. Dealer reprogramed the computer but the engine light returned after driving 6 miles. Can you help?
Hello, I am Randall When the light is on or at any other time, do you feel you are losing engine power or the turbo is not kicking in?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have not noticed any loss of power.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the delay, had to stpe out
It can be a trciky code. It means there is an airflow leak to the charge air sensor or can even mean the rod has come loose from the turbo or internal plate to the turbo
One needs to inspect the hose shown in the first diagram, be sure no cracks, leaks etc, Inspect very close
If none, then the rod has to be inpected to the trubo wastegate
If ok? then it gets involved inpsecting the turbo
Most common are air leaks, ALL hoses for the charge air like shown have to be clsely indpected
It will not cause you to be on the side of the road, Worst case is a loss of turbo

I wish I knew 100% but not being there nor having scanner and running tests

i can only list the probables for the code

If you click HERE

You can upload a bulletin Saab released for the code
maybe this info can be take to shop. although they should know this

Charge Air Absolute Pressure Sensor. Hose leakage.

Diagnostic help
Fault diagnosis concerns a leak in the hose to the sensor or between the compressor and the throttle body.

Functions in the diagnostic tool related to the fault:

  • Diagnostic status for the diagnosis.
  • Pressure sensor value, unit kpa.
During acceleration, the value should exceed the value for the two Other pressure sensors.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Randall, Thank you so very much for your quick response and info!