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I have 1991 Fleetwood bounder P 30 chassis. brakes are locking

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I have 1991 Fleetwood bounder P 30 chassis. brakes are locking up the hotter they get the tighter they get after cool down they seem to be fine .we replaced the master cylinder and rear calipers because problem seemed to be rear axle. took it out again for the day and no problems. took another trip got about 10 miles and it happened again. after cool down returned home no trouble

I am sorry that you have not been helped yet.

Does yours have ABS?

have you raised both rear tires off the ground to see if both sides are locked up, or just one side?

If you open the bleeder screws on the calipers at the rear, do the caliper pistons retract and release brakes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we believe it doesn't have ABS but not 100% sure. we did not lift both rear tires off the ground to check if bothsides were locked just went by the heat and smoke coming from right side
when mechanic got there I/2 hour later he checked all bleeders and no pressure on any of them by this time it was cooling down, and we checked again everything rolled free so headed for home about 15 miles and had no trouble. this is the third time this has happened and same scenario


Ok, we do need to verify if both sides, but right now, it does sound like just the right side is locking up.

the most likely cause is the brake hoses at the rear calipers have gotten soft on the inside and are collapsing. this is likely due to original time they locked up and got too hot. What happens is the brake fluid inside the calipers and hoses attaching to the calipers, boils and causes the inside rubber on brake hose to start collapsing.

When this occurs, as the brakes heat up from use, the hoses collapse and prevent fluid from traveling back towards the master cylinder, which of course results in the calipers staying engaged. when the brake fluid cools, the hoses expand and allow fluid travel

To verify this, it is taken on a test drive until they lock up, then open the bleeder at the calipers for a dew seconds and then test for wheels releasing. If they do, hoses need to be replaced.
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