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Town and Country Chrysler: Had professional mechanic replace

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Had professional mechanic replace Master cylinder in van, 3 1/2 weeks later brake petal down to floor, no pressure. Back to mechanic, Master cylinder faulty, new one installed. 1 week later, same thing happened, no pressure. Back to the mechanic, they found no leak in Master Cylinder, Bleed the lines again, but got no return on the rear brakes hoses and the front right. 1 week later again, same thing. Back to mechanic, bleed brakes.
Well, 2 days later, same thing. We need HELP. The garage is at a loss and we are frustrated because we nee to transport our family to and from school and work. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Any help would be appreciated. 

Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you with this problem.

im sorry your having this problem

so the last time at the repair shop what did they do to the truck before they gave it back to you ?

is the truck back with you now ?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it is back with me now

ok what did the shop do this truck before you got it back this last time?

how long have you had it back from the shop ?

and right now its stopping fine ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Replaced the master cylinder 3 times, Bleed brakes.

if you keep having master cylinders fail like this either the brake fluid that is being added or at one time some kind of contamination was in the brake fluid OR the brand master cylinders they keep using

did they put a Chrysler master cylinder ?

was it new or a remanufactured ?

there is nothing else that will cause a master cylinder to keep failing like this

Christine how long have you had it back since they changed the master a 3rd time and bled the brakes ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The did not use the Chrysler master cylinder they used another option to the mc and it was new all three times. I had the van two weeks now still not working.

ok if they change the master and bleed the brakes and its fine for a little while

that brake fluid is contaminated or those brand masters they are using are not a good quality master cylinder would have a Chrysler master cylinder installed and before the new one is install the old one removed and ALL the brake lines cleaned out and all of the old brake fluid flushed out of the brake system

at this point that's all it can be as unless there is a leak the hydraulic pressure is all made in the master cylinder

if the pedal goes to floor , and its not loosing fluid , its contaminated fluid in the brake system and or an inferior master cylinder Christine

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok. how do you flush out the brakes lines? I am ordering another master cylinder from the dealership.

with a brake flush machine most shops have them

they connect it up to your brake system and flush out all the old fluid with the machine then put all new fluid in

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In the previous message I mentioned their as not a good return on the hoses in the front right, rear right and left rear. The mechanic did use a process to flush the brakes. There was not a leak in hydraulic pressure. I am assuming it is because they did not use a Chrysler MC. Does this have factor in the MC working properly: Using a DRB III or equivalent scanner before performing the bleeding procedure after installing the master cylinder? I was reading that it is a requirement by the manufacturer (Chrysler) when bleeding the brake system.


yes the DRB ( Chrysler scan tool ) will reactivate the internal valves in the ABS assembly

they will internally trigger when air is in the ABS assembly

there just may be an issue of them not being able to remove all the air out of the ABS assembly not bleeding the brakes with the DRB

that tool has to be used to stroke the internal valves inside the ABS module to reset them so you get good fluid flow to all the wheels and that will also push all the air out of the ABS unit into the brake lines then the brakes are bled manually to get the air out

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