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Subaru Brat: Hi,I have a 86 Subaru Brat. Needs a LOT of

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I have a 86 Subaru Brat. Needs a LOT of TLC and although I do not even pretend to be a mechanic, I use simple process of elimination most of the time to get to the problem. Here's the deal. Turns over but won't start. Plenty of spark. Poured fuel into carb. Turned over and vrrooom, it kicks off and runs smooth until the fuel runs out of carb. I'm in the process of locating the proper fuel filter as this one has 3 lines coming out of it instead of 2. (BTW, what's the 3rd line for?) So, with all that being said, do you think it's a fuel pump issue? I havn't tried checking the relay or fuse yet but will prior to even initiating a fuel pump change. What's your take? Thanks

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Hi .

The fuel filter has three lines which are the IN from the tank,OUT to the carb and the other out to return to the tank.

Well we know you have a fuel issue and not ignition so this is a good start .

Pull the hose that goes to the carb , then put then hose end into a glass jar then crank the engine ,fuel should come out ,if no fuel then check the filter for blockage,
if filter is good then the fuel pump may be bad .

Now what we need to know do you have the simple Hitachi 2-bbl carb or the more complicated feed back system .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Makes sense. Ok, while we're on the subject, if it is the fuel pump, where is it located, what do you estimate the cost of a rebuilt pump is, and is it something I can do without specialized tools?

Maybe you have a link for step by step directions perhaps?


Thanks a''re helping quite a bit..


Hi ..

What i need to know is which system you have first , feed back or the 2bbl .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


As I stated, I'm no mechanic and I believe it's a 2bbl but maybe you can tell me how I can tell the difference. I'm just making an attempt at this project for my stepson in order to save him some money...I know you understand...thanks

Hi .

Yes no problem ,think this is nice of you to help your step son save some cash .

I think you most likely have the 2bbl this is a carb that has very few vacuum hoses attached not like the feed back this has loads of vacuum hoses and is a nightmare Frown

Any way the fuel pump is electrical and you will find it under the rear right side by the fuel tank , small square pump with two wires ,
When you find it switch on the ignition and check the red wire has 12volts if it does knock on the pump it may start to work and start the car , if not remove and replace.
even if it does start still replace the pump Wink don't want you stood in the middle of the highway.

If there is no 12 volts when the switch is turned on check the fuse in the fuse box ,should be marked ,but if the fuse was bad then the coil would also be out as the one line works the pump and coil , go ahead and check the fuel pump this is most likely your problem then get back to me if needed.

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Rgds Greg
Greg, Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 7115
Experience: 17 years Shop Owner /Technician. 27 years experience,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg,

I appreciate your past help and have checked the suggestions you made. I removed a hose from the new gas filter we replaced and turned to engine over a few times. It pumps gas out fine so no problem with the fuel pump. that's a good thing. The brat starts up instantly but now the problem is a carb issue. Issue is when started, I have to hold the carb butterfly or choke flap all the way back or the car revs instantly at ridiculously high rpms. Enough to cause damage if left go. We have to manually shut the engine off or face causing potential serious damage. Question is....why is it doing that and how do I cure it? It will not idle. If we can get that corrected I feel we're on the way to keeping it on the road. Appreciate your expert input...thanks!

Hi .

Check the linkage to the carb is not to tight ,the cable is lose .
with ther choke flap open look down the carb and the lower flap/plate should be in the
closed position ,if this is slightly open then its going to rev high ,check on the linkage that the throttle link is resting on the idle screw .
Or a bad carb body gasket sucking fuel out the carb float bowl.
May be a good idea toi get a repair kit and O/H the carb.Click here .

Rgds Greg