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I have a 2000 Isuzu Rode LS with a 3.2L eng. I would like

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I have a 2000 Isuzu Rode LS with a 3.2L eng. I would like to start by saying, this stuff could only happen to me. Anyway, I was changing the plugs in the Isuzu and was down to last one, the hardest one on the drivers side near the firewall. Then the coil pops off the boot and the boot gets stuck inside. It stuck real good to. I used a pick and took half of it out but my pick is not long enough to get all the way down. It would only come out in pieces. Should I just keep picking away at this rubber boot like a surgeon until there is no more left? If I can't get it all, will I have to take the valve cover off? I wouldn't be surprised if the spark plug broke off too when I get to that point. Any ideas before I make a bad situation worse?

Mark C.

John :

Hi Mark. Yes, you will need to get all those pieces out and you will need a new coil for thatplug. I wish I had a better idea on how to get it all out. Just keep at it, you will need rthe room for the new coil. It won't be fun getting it all out but I bet it will

John :

run a while lot better!

John :

Removing the valve cover won't help as much as you think, maybe you could use a long St of needle nose pliers?

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