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Rodeo: I have an Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 with a 3.2 L engine. I understand

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I have an Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 with a 3.2 L engine. I understand they are the same as the Honda Passport. My engine has been running rough (sputtering) and I am getting (2) error codes. One is Code 463 - Fuel Sensor 'A" , Circuit High. I am not so worried about this one right now. The other error code is Manufacturer Code 1340 - Ion Sensing Module for Cylinder Synchronization. I have ALLDATA DIY but could not find any information on this component or where it is. I think the 2nd code is the one causing the problem.

Anyone have any ideas on this one.

Hello, yes I have seen this a few times. First, you are correct, the fuel sensor code is not going to create the running problem. The Ion Sensing Module code is the one you want to chase.

The most common reason for the Ion Sensing code is having the wrong soaps installed. Isuzu is really pick about having the exact plugs installed. Your AllData should give you the correct part number for the plugs and the ones you buy should have that number printed on them. Don't let the parts store tell you something else is the same.

I have seen this code come up with no running problem so if it still is rough after replacing the plugs with the correct ones then you may also have an ignition coil problem. Once the correct plus are installed you may then get a misfire code (P030?) which will lead you to the cylinder with the problem.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

John, thanks for the response. I already bought some NGK laser platinum plugs. ALLDATA calls for NGK BPR6ES-11.. The ones I have are FR5AP-10 and they cost more because they are "Laser Pltinum" (not sure what that means). Should I take these plugs back and get the cheaper ones.?



Yes. Get the exact same NGK number that you found in AllData. The other plugs cause problems with the Ion Sensing system.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, here's a good one. I bought the exact plug recommended by ALLDATA. These plugs take a larger diameter socket which does not fit in the hole. The old ones were 5/8 and these are 15/16. now I'm confused.


What do you recommend?



I came up with these part numbers:
K16PR-P11, RC10PYP4, PK16PR11.
I don't know why I show different numbers but try one of these, they are the same numbers for different manufacturers (NGK, Denso, etc...)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

John, sounds good. those are the choices I have in the Chiltons. I just took out all the old plugs and looked at them. They are al worn and the gap is ..055 instead of .040 - 043. I will definitely have to replace those. I notice one cylinder had some brown guck in there. Looks like little water may have got in when I had the engine cleaned. I cleaned out the channel and put some dielectric on the plug and reinstalled all the old ones just to see. The car runs perfect now with no codes. Thanks for your help.


Mark C

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