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Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited: Ive got a 2005 PT Cruiser Mk1

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I've got a 2005 PT Cruiser Mk1 CRD Ltd with an intermittent instrument fault.
When driving, the instrument cluster lights will sometimes blink off and all of the needles drop to their stops. Sometimes it just flickers off and then all comes back on again, sometimes it stays off for some time. When it comes back on, the warning lights flash on, just as when the car is initially started, suggesting interrupted power to the cluster.
I would suspect a faulty instrument cluster, but when it flickers out, the lighting on the centre console (i.e. air/con controls etc) goes out as well, although the stereo remains live.
Is the interior lighting (console and overheads) controlled by the instrument cluster's black box as well, or is that separate, which would indicate a wiring loom fault rather than a fault in the cluster?
Thanks for any light (ha!) you can shed!

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


The instrument cluster does control the illumination as well as the interior lighting, so if the cluster went down then you would also lose the illumination on the radio and a/c control head.


If you aren't having trouble with any other systems when this happens then I agree that it's most likely an instrument cluster issue. It's possible that could be losing power or ground though.


The first thing I would do is take a close look at the connector terminals to make sure there is no sign of spreading, corrosion, etc. Try and clean the male and female terminals with connector cleaner and see if that has an affect on the issue at all.


If nothing changes then most likely you have a cluster problem. The best thing to do would be to verify it's powers and grounds are ok at the time it's not working, and if they are then you know the problem is internal.

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