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LAnd Rover LR3: Dealer is saying I need tie rods replaced on

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Dealer is saying I need tie rods replaced on my 2006 LR3 Land Rover which will cost $2K. The vehicle has 125K miles on it. It is worth doing? It is if my vehicle will last another 75K without another expensive problem occuring.Opinion?

This is very important to do. If a tie rod fails it can cause you to get into a accident. It can also cause you to ruin the tires on your vehicle in just half the time.

You do not need to have the most expensive OEM part installed on the vehicle. I would look into a aftermarket set along with having a local repair facility to do the work. This will get the job done for much less. You will want to have it done to make the vehicle safe and save your money on tires. If you sell the vehicle this is a good thing to show you have done.

The total labor is 1.7 hours for both the inner and outer tie rod ends. Most of the times it is just the outer that need to be done which labor is 0.7 hours.

The part numbers for the parts

Outers= QJB500050 price from dealer 146.85
Inners=QJB500060 price from dealer 134.61

That is per tie rod end.

Much cheaper online

Amazon front

About 20-30 a piece and they will work great. So the quote is outragrous.
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