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Buick Lacrosse: 2006 Engine stops running

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2006 buick Lacrosse 3.8, Engine stops running while driving - message center displays "starting disabled" - after 30- 60 seconds it restarts...?

Battery replaced & terminals cleaned.

Has happened with two different set of keys...

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


I'm wondering if the powertrain control module (PCM) is actually going down since the engine dies and won't restart for a minute or so. The PCM is the module that controls all engine functions.


It could be losing a power or ground feed or the problem could be internal. Since you have a scan tool or code reader you can do a simple test to see if the PCM is going down during the event.


Start the engine and disconnect a sensor on the engine to purposely set a fault code and turn the engine light on. The easiest thing would be something like the throttle position or MAP sensor. Just unplug one and make sure the engine light turns on then plug it back in.


it will set a fault code and turn the engine light on. After a couple trips the engine light will go out but the code will still be stored.


After the engine dies and restarts then check for codes again. If the code that you had set is erased during the event then the PCM is going down, either because of a loss of ground or battery feed, or an internal failure.

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