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Jaguar XF Premium Luxury:

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i brought a local mechanic to take a quick look to the oil leaking in my car, he said that is the oil pan leaking.. I am not sure if this part will be covered by basic warranty, my car is still under basic new car warranty, i also bought extended warranty from jaguar.. If not. Can i change it myself, i am little handy, (besides, my horrible move of braking the oan myself). If it no that difficult can u sort of tell me the parts i need to buy, including gaskets? I eman part numbers? Or do i need special tools.. Or. Do you cnsider it tooo dificult.. Please advise.. Thank you In case u think i can do it, please tell me what kindof oil, how much oil, and i do not remember seen a place where to feed motor oil to car, if u would have diagrams for my whole job, I will really appreciate it..


I am sorry that no one has helpd you yet. I just came online and saw your question.

How many miles are on your Jag?

Which extended warranty package did you get from Jag?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
49012 miles, and also time wise i am 2.5 months away from expiring..

So basic warranty still exist, the new one i bought , i got from same dealer, it says jaguar on top

My concern, is that if the would say that it was a road hazard pr that it was mishandled then i would be no covered, another words it would not be like the seals are leaking , it is the pan itself that is cracked
What is your opinion?

It should be covered by the 4yr/50,000 mile basic warranty. The only way it would be denied is proof that the crack is from road debris, such as a dent in the pan by the crack.

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