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Volvo S80 T6: 2003 S80 T6 transmission is slipping in drive

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2003 S80 T6 transmission is slipping in drive mode but will move forward by manually shifting fromXXXXXafter car establishing momentum. Each stop requires repeating the above procedure. It would that the transmission has failed and the clutches are slipping. It is my understanding that Volvo installed GM 3800 transmission in the 03 S80 T6. Is it true that a GM 3800 is installed in my car and is there any different between the transmission in the Volvo S80 T6 and that in other GM cars that use the 3800.

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yes, it is a 4T65EV trans but not interchangable with GM as the bell housing mountings are not the same. You would be best either looking for a used one or having the unit re built.



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