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Infiniti g20t: my 1999 infiniti g20 stop lights fuse keeps

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my 1999 infiniti g20 stop lights fuse keeps blowing
I removed the 2 stop light rear bulbs and fuse still blows
last year the 10 a stop light fuse blew every 5 months
i checked rear trunk wiring harness and there is no chaffing or worn wires
what do I trouble shoot next??
Hello and thank you for using just answer,I see you have been waiting a while so I'll do my best to help. I will provide you with a wire diagram of the stop light circuit. Unfortunately when it comes to electrical shorts, there is no simple or obvious way of tracking the problem down. It simply takes time. It can be one of the toughest things to repair on a car. You need to trace the harness from the stoplight switch all the way back to the stoplight sockets. Pay particular attention to bends in the harness, especially the part of the harness that bends up to the trunk lid. Due to the constant movement of the harness, it is prone to breakage and can create a short there.graphic
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

wht is the method since I exmaine the wire harness in trunk and where it bends there is not fraying


what about running new wire or wires to the rear lights under the floor rug ! I can splice them in at the tail lights where do I actually connect for the source 12 volts ? I went under and dont see much when I look at the brake pedal

Absolutely, I've done that before. Problem is on most cars the harness disappears into the cars body shortly after the stoplight switch, making it extremely difficult to trace out. All you need to do is run one wire from the switch (green/red wire) back to the trunk area, cut the existing shorted green/red wire coming out of the harness, and splice your new one in. As long as it's still fuse protected your good to go.
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