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Land Rover LR3: 2006 Land Rover LR3: Wont start. Key fob is

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2006 Land Rover LR3: Won't start. Key fob is torn so interior is exposed and got wet (raining today). The vehicle did start right after, went to work, but then wouldn't start midday. The instrument panel is on, wipers go on, goes through "diagnostics" with no error messages. The key fob worked once to lock and unlock the vehicle, but then stopped working. I would like assistance in narrowing the problem. Is the problem likely to the key fob getting wet or could it be something else?

Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX you for allowing me to assist you! This is most likely the fob. If the wireless module/receiver does not see a valid signal from the microchip in the key, then it will not allow the engine to start (security reasons). If you have another key, then try it. If not, place the fob into a baggie or container filled with white rice and let it sit in there for a couple of hours. The rice will absorb the moisture from the fob and then may allow the fob to work again. If not, then call a local mobile lock smith to come out to where you are and program a new fob.

Hopefully drying out the fob will work.

I hope this information helps, and let me know if you need further assistance with this.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A friend suggested I enter the key into the door handle/press lock on fob to try re-syncing key to vehicle. The fob started working again, but now the alarm goes off when I put the key in the ignition or press the lock or unlock on the fob. Do you know how to disable this?

Well if the fob will unlock the door, then it should disable the alarm. Try disconnecting the negative battery in the vehicle for 2 minutes. Then reconnect it and push the unlock button on the fob. If it still does not work, then the fob will need to be replaced. The microchip in the fob may have failed completely.

Good luck Susan, and let me know how it goes,



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