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I have a question i bought a genisys evo scanner for $2300

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I have a question i bought a genisys evo scanner for $2300 dollars and everyone on here apparently has snap on scanners.What it be a good idea to sell mine and buy a snap on one?If so which one?
Hello my name isXXXXX we have a Genisys scan tool, works ok for reading codes, kind of slow, we never use it to look at pids, it is completely inaccurate. I hate it, my question is what do you want in a scan tool?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well im not sure what im missing out on. This is my first real scanner always had the cheap code readers

Sorry to be so blunt, but I will say again to be clear, I hate the

I have used the the Modis, slick tool, I love this one, the etho's is cheaper but good also, this one will graph 4 pids. The Verus, huge tool meaning this one does it all, huge price also, right around 9k. So it depends on what you want, snap on sells the best hands down, any tool they sell will be just fine, you just have to find one that matches your needs, I would love the verus, no way I can afford this one, the next I would choose is the Modis, love this tool, it can do so much and fix anything. If on a budget, the Etho's would be a good tool also. It would be the Modis for me for sure.....

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is there a specific modis thats better

The latest one off the truck is better, here is little what this thing can do, this thing will run circles around the dealership scan tool from Ford.


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