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Steering Angle Sensor

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Hello, How can I find out if the car has Steering Angle Sensor  to be reset after alignament? Is there a web page to put vin number? Thanks

There is no web site that I am aware of to enter a VIN number to see if your car has a SAS or not. However, I can give you some guidelines:

(1) If the car does not have ABS brakes, it does not have a SAS.
(2) Cars that have stability control systems DO have a SAS. This includes most newer (within the last 2 years) models.
(3) Referring to the vehicle's service manual will tell you if a SAS was used on that particular model. You need to do this anyway before an alignment to make sure you have the reset procedure before you begin. Then, a visual check to see if the SAS is present in the location shown in the service manual is a good practice to double check your info.
(4) Checking your favorite auto parts supplier for a listing for a SAS for the model in question will let you know if there was one used in that year or not.
(5) Some alignment machines, in particular Hunter models with the CodeLink option will alert you to vehicles that have a SAS prior to alignment.

If you have a question about a particular vehicle, I would be glad to check my service information to see if your model and year had a SAS or not.

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