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Pontiac Grand Prix GTP: Hi modded 2001 GTP I get a P0171 System

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Hi modded 2001 GTP I get a P0171 System Too Lean Bank 1. I was wondering if I could use the car a couple of days before fixing/having it fixed.
My mods are : K&N Cold Air, TB screen delete, heat shield, Overkilled PCM, Tranny Shift Kit, 3.25'' pulley, Autolite 104s, Ported TB, TB Spacer, Fuel pump rewire kit, Alt Volt Booster, Alt Power cable, 180* thermostat, High Ratio rockers 1.9, SSteel Headers and SSteel 3'' downpipe, 3'' SS Cat-Back (Cherry bomb rez, WalkersSS stock '04).

I have an Aeroforce gauge to monitor Knock Retard so if I keep an eye on it and it stays at 0.0 under normal driving I should be ok right?


Hello and welcome!


As long as you aren't having driveability symptoms or spark knock on acceleration then you should be ok to drive it, as long as it doesn't start running bad.


It may be running lean or it may just think that it is. If it really is running extremely lean then you would start to notice a lack of power or spark knock on acceleration. It can compensate for quite a bit before setting a code and then sets the code when it has added fuel to it's capability but the engine is still running lean.


It may be running fine or it may actually be running or start to run rich. An incorrect MAF or oxygen sensor signal cause it to think it's running lean when it actually isn't, it adds fuel and it will start to run rich and poorly.


BotXXXXX XXXXXne is if you aren't having any driveability symptoms or spark knock on acceleration then you should be ok to drive it for a couple days.


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