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Chevrolet Captiva 3.2 LTZ: I have a Chevrolet Captiva 3.2 LTZ,

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I have a Chevrolet Captiva 3.2 LTZ, having the problem that the traction lights stays on and now the engin light also appear suddenly. It did go for his normally services. So the guys told us that they have change the harnass on the car and the cost is R79000 which is cracy. I am sure it is just a senor or something but really not the harnass. First they told me that is the alternator which they replace and is nothing wrong with it because I took it for a test, so my insurance pay's for something which was not suppose to fix.
Can somebody help me with this situation please.

Hello and welcome!


I see that your question has been up for an extended time without a response and although this vehicle is not in my area of greatest expertise I would like to try to help.


The first thing that needs to be done is read the fault codes from the ABS module and powertrain control module (PCM). When these lights come on it is because the respective modules have seen a problem somewhere in the system and set a fault code. The codes will be needed to begin diagnosis.


It's possible that you could have a wiring issue but even if you did it is usually repairable without having to replace the whole harness.s. You may very well have a bad wheel speed sensor causing the traction control light, wheel speed sensors are the most common cause of an ABS related problem.


The check engine light is most likely unrelated to the traction control light and could be many things. It may be any of the sensors on the engine or transmission, spark plugs, injectors, evaporative emissions leaks or even a loose or bad gas cap.

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