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Lincoln Navigator Luxury: I own a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. It

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I own a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. It has all of the features you could order in 2007. The CD play stopped working. And I cannot eject any of the CD's. Is there a way to eject the CD's without taking the entire console out of the car? I tried all the advertised way of removing the CD's.

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One thing you might try is disconnecting the battery for a minute or so and reconnecting it. This will reset the radio and it could possibly get it working again if the problem is electrical.


If the problem is mechanical though then this isn't likely to help. If you do hear it attempting to eject but it won't then that normally indicates a mechanical failure. If a battery disconnect doesn't work and you are unable to grab the CD with something like small needlenose pliers then the only way to get it out will be to remove and disassemble the radio. If you intended to use the CD player again in the future then replacing the unit would really be necessary to prevent this from happening again. Sending it off for repair would usually be cheaper than replacing it with a remanufactured one, places like United Radio specialize in automotive electronic and radio repair and they are usually cheaper than a replacement unit.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am concerned that if I disconnect the battery that something else will occur that prohibit me from using the other features of the Nav system. What occurs when I attempt to eject a disc or go to another disc the player attempts to electronically follow the command but I do not hear the CD changing. What occurs is that display on the screen reads 'Disc Error'. Is this an electronic issue or mechanical issue?

It could go either way. Do you actually hear the mechanism moving? If you hear no noise from it at all then it's likely an electrical issue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Don't hear any mechanism moving. I will disconnect the battery.

Keep your fingers crossed!