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Chrysler Grand Voyager SE: My Grand Voyager 2.8CDT special

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My Grand Voyager 2.8CDT special edition 2007 shows vibrations (I feel that in the steering wheel and in the seat) at certain speeds. Tyres have been exchanged, new rims have been placed as well as new front brake discs. Although better, the problem still exists.
My worry is that this is a problem somewhere around the automatic gear box/clutch -.
If, during driving I switch from "D" to "N" the problem seems to dissappear.
Does this sound recognizable?

I am sorry that no one has helped you yet. I just came online and saw you open question.

At what speeds do you feel the vibration?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It starts at around 80 km/h.It gets more pronounced at 120 km/h and even more at 140 km/h


And the vibration disappears immediately upon putting the vehicle into neutral, correct?

This is a torque converter vibration/shudder, which I see fairly often in the Grand Voyagers.

sometimes it can be eliminated by using a transmission additive such as Lucas to eliminate the shudder. If it continues after using additive, then the torque converter should be replaced
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