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1999 dodge ram sport 1500 5.9L gas motor with 46RE trans I

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1999 dodge ram sport 1500 5.9L gas motor with 46RE trans I recently had my trans overhauled in Oregon much cooler but I now live in Tucson and truck doesn't like this warm air for performance anyway im wanting the trans to run cooler and ive got a transgo shift kit to install along with a aluminum deep pan (4 more quarts) and a few gallons of trick shift fluid and a new bigger trans cooler to replace original paper thin one that sits in between the radiator and the A/C condenser and I was wondering if I have to mount cooler in that same spot that doesn't get any direct air flow and do I have to run trans fluid through the radiator like it is from factory cause I think either it is heating up my water temp. or water temp. is heating up trans fluid so would like to bypass got more questions but lets start here please thank you doug

No, it doesnt have to go in same spot, you can mount it in front of the condensor. As for running the lines, run straight from the transmission to the cooler and back, bypassing the radiator. This is the setup I use on any trucks for hauling/towing in order to keep trans temperature as cool as possible
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok heres my problem there isn't enough room in front of condenser for cooler it would hit grill and hood latch mechanism is it possible then that water temp could be raising trans temp I pulled out the thermostat completely thinking that would run coolest correct??


It does depend on size of the cooler as to best fit. If yours is too high to fit, then you have to go between the condensor and fan. As long as front of condensor is kept clear of debris and fan is working properly, it will cool the trans fluid there.

If the coolant temp is running somewhat high -190-220 - then it will heat the trans fluid up. pulling the thermostat does allow the coolant temp to run at its coolest, but, this can affect driveability as the coolant temp does play a roll in engine going into and out of closed loop and can make for harder cold soak starts after sitting for a few hours.

You would be better off, reinstalling the thermostat and bypassing the radiator with the trans cooler lines going straight to the aftermarket cooler
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

don't worry ill give you the 29 bucks but ive got a few more questions as far as I can tell you have not mentioned mounting the trans cooler anywhere else on truck so I guess that wouldn't be an option for me and also by running the alum. deep pan wont that help it run cooler also and could you explain that part about running it with no thermostat also I am not running it with original clutch fan ive got electric fans hooked up to it also can the pressure side of trans fluis hose be put on with a couple of hose clamps cause I don't have that tool to take apart the hose so I was just gonna cut it and double clamp it for temporary


Ok, the cooler has to have air drawn thru it cool the fluid. This means in front of a fan. Technically you can mount it just about anywhere in the front, even just behind the front bumper, but to be most effective, it needs to be in front of a fan as close as possible.

The additional fluid capacity with a deep pan will help, but by itself without a separate cooler, would not be enough for the Arizona heat. Both together should be sufficient.

Ok, when the engine is cold, the computer increases fuel in fuel to air ratio so it starts easier. and then as it warms up, it decreases the ratio. With no thermostat, it can read colder which increases fuel too much and can cause hard starts, and then because the coolant is not heating up enough as it is running thru the cooling system without a chance to heat up from engine block temp, the fuel ratio stays increased, which can cause stumbling or hesitation and a rich condition.

On the closed loop/open loop mode:

The ECM will be in open loop mode when:
• starting the engine.
• the engine is cold.
• hard acceleration.
• during fuel cut-off.
• wide open throttle.
If the engine will not go into closed loop mode, the problem may be insufficient engine temperature. Without going into closed loop the injector duration for delivering fuel cannot be monitored or adjusted. This will also lead to O2 sensor failure due to running rich, and very poor gas mileage
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok last one I wont take up anymore of your time can I use hose clamps on both hoses (pressure side ??) to hold them sufficiently double clamped even and two more things does it matter which hose is mounted to top of trans cooler and I wasn't sure if coolant helps vehicle run cooler as opposed to straight water or is coolant just to keep it from freezing in cold weather something I obviously don't have to worry about and if I run into any problems can I ask you more questions thanks oh yeah I almost forgot how do I send the 29 bucks to you ive already gave card info


I am sorry, I read that earlier and forgot to answer. Yes, you can use conventional clamps. double clamp with clamps side by side and it will hold.

Feed hose from transmission goes to top and return line from cooler to transmission goes on bottom.

Straight water or straight coolant gives you the lowest boiling point and highest freezing point and neither should ever been done.

Always do a 50/50 mixture of coolant/water for the cooling system.

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