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Kia Sorento: XXXXX XXXXX my timing belt w/o replacing

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Brakesplus changed my timing belt w/o replacing the newly designed crankshaft pulley bolt. They use the old bolt. They did not read their service advisories. And yes, half of the bolt broke off inside my crankshaft case. Kia would not cover this under my warranty because they did not do the timing belt and they said that they would have replaced the bolt using the newly designed version. I understand that. So, being I was out of state, where there was not a BrakesPlus shop, they had it towed from the Kia dealer to a local Nashville engine shop to try and drill out the broken piece of bolt. That did not work, so BrakesPlus paid this shop, (Auto Tech $4,550.) to put in another V6 engine from a local wrecking yard with 11k miles less than my engine, mine had only 50K. It has been running just a little rough at stops while in the "Drive" position, but in "Neutral" or "Park" it's smooth as a peach but my engine light was staying on. Accelerating is fine too. Does not cut out at all. They said that it probably just need an emissions adjustment and that it was fine to drive until I could bring it back in. Took it back to them (Auto Tech) and they replaced 2 ignition coils, spark plugs and fuel injection cleaner. They said that this was not under the 6 month warranty they gave me cause these parts were off my old engine and not the engine from the salvage yard. Paid $400. for this ingition coil work. Then they tell me, that they only bought an engine block and that the rest of the engine and parts were from my old engine, belts, hoses, electricial, etc. Took it to another shop yesterday cause the engine light was back on again, less than 24 hrs later. Still runs just a little rough in "Drive" only. This is the computer findings from the new shop yesterday: PO 300 Random misfire, PO 301 cylinder 1 misfire, PO 303 cylinder 3 misfire and then said that minuimum of 3 coils needed, maybe 4 at a cost of $961.00!!! He informed me that they just replace the crankshaft case and not the whole engine when this broken bolt issue happens to them, much cheaper.

email: [email protected]

hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you today.

What is your exact question?? I see the background but not the question.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can a Auto Shop just buy a engine block and use all my other parts from my old engine, like electrial parts. My car was running perfectly become they put in a different engine. They say that my problem now is from my parts off my old engine, cylinders misfires. I am afraid that they did not do a compression test and they put in a bad engine. I think I am being taken for a ride. I want them to pick up the tab, being they said I had a 6 month warranty.

ok, yes they can buy a block. Most likely they got a motor, stripped it down to a long block, basic engine with no accessories, and then transfer all parts from yours to the donor motor. This is a common practice.

As far as all the issues, they may have not assembled it properly, have vacuum leaks or some other reason the transfer did not go well.

Get an opinion from another shop in writing of the exact issue and forward it to them. If they dont help you give them a chance to fix it right before taking any other actions.

The warranty will only cover the internal engine components. That is normal as well. We only give 30 warranty for smoke and noise.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They have already had a chance to fix it at a cost of $400. to me and less than 24 hrs later, the check engine light came on again and I took to another place and they said that I had PO 301 & 303 cylinder 1 & 3 misfires and PO 300 random misfires. So, not sure if I should drive it back to Nashville from Florida where I live now and pay all that gas when they had the opportunity to fix it when they charged me $400. for 2 ignition coils, wire set, 6 spark plugs and fuel injection clearner. Why didn;t the scanner put up all the above PO's at the time they replaced the 2?

ok, is this a private shop or a chain of stores. See if it has a corporate office you can speak with to help them resolve the issue.

A scan tool will store codes as they come, those codes may have not been there immediately and may have set at a later date.

Codes can be set by compression, plugs, coil, injector or vacuum leaks.

I was just looking on line and it looks like there is a chain of these stores. What city is it located???

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Auto Tech who installed the engine is private. But, BrakesPlus is a west coast chain that paid for the engine, after they did my timing belt in Arizona, they did not replace the bolt and it broke off inside my crankshaft case. Couldn't they have just replaced the crankshaft and not the whole engine? Both places are basically telling me that being it was my old engine parts that are now failing, I am SOL cause that is not part of the 6 month warranty. But, I was promised my car back in good running condition.

yes, they could have done a crankshaft replacement. I estimated the job here for about 3000.

Did you get the motor for free?? I see someone else paid for the motor. Was the 4500 just labor??

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I did not pay for the motor, BrakesPlus paid $4,550. for motor and labor.I think they paid too much for a stripped down engine. But they were trying to save cost they told me. BrakesPlus was subpose to get me a 6 mo. warranty, but I do not have one yet!

You should have got it in writing when you picked your car up with the receipt. The receipt would have the date on it.

Did this repair cost you anything at all except for a major headache??

The motor installed for 4550 is a little high but not outrageous.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I got a copy of the dated engine receipt, but they had not written out the 6 month warranty yet and said that, being BrakesPlus paid the bill, that they were sending the warranty to them, but Auto Tech never did sent it.

It is costing me money now. Auto Tech charged me $400. for 2 ignition coils, 6 sparks, wire set, and fuel injection cleaner last week. Said those were my old engine parts and that was not under warranty. It barely runs rough, but they said that's what it needed and the engine light did go off for only 20 hrs. But, engine light back on and more po codes showing more misfires. After I arrived back home in Florida. I can only feel a little virberation when it is at a stop in Drive. In neutral or park it is smooth as a peach. Never cuts out.


I would still get it checked locally for any issues. it may be a simple fix like a vacuum leak. I would call the Auto tech stop and keep bugging them till you get the warranty. Still, if the failures are not from the used motor, it still wont be covered.

It seems you are in a classic catch 22 situation.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX worth the $18. will pass this on to others. I am like you, being I can barely feel a viberation, I think it too is minor, like a vacuum leak.

good luck to you. let me know how you make out.

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