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Saturn Aura XE: I have a 2008 saturn aura that intermittantly

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I have a 2008 saturn aura that intermittantly won't start. I've had three mechanics look at it since March. The starter, battery, ignition switch, have all been replaced as well as the main fuse box under the hood rebuilt. The clickers have been replaced and reprogrammed. I got it back from the mechanic on tues and it started every time (three times that night, five times yesterday,) then this morning only got two starts out of it. It normally takes 10-20 mins. of waiting and then it will start, today took over an hour. I also noticed that I could hear a very faint bell the one that tells you your key is still in when you open the door, even after removing the key and getting out of the car.When the bell stopped ringing the car started. HELP!!!!

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


I have to wonder if the problem is with the body control module (BCM).


The ignition switch is wired to the BCM. When you turn the key to the crank position the BCM will then send a signal over the communication bus to the powertrain control module (PCM), the PCM looks at shifter position from the transmission controller and will then turn on the starter relay.


Since you're hearing the key-in chime when you shouldn't be and then it will crank as soon as that stops then that makes me suspect the problem is with the BCM. To know for sure what is happening the problem would really need to be diagnosed at the time it is acting up. A scan tool can be used to look at switch position in the BCM and whether or not the PCM is seeing the crank request. If the BCM isn't seeing the key go to the crank position and the switch is new then the BCM is the issue, provided the switch wiring tests ok. If the BCM sees the switch input change but doesn't send the signal to the PCM then again the problem is in the BCM.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there any possiblilty that this is the antitheft device and if so how would I know for sure.

Due to the fact that you hear the key-in buzzer during the no start and it goes away when it does start I don't believe it's security related. To know for sure it would require looking at data on a scan tool while the problem is happening.
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