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2002 Land Rover Range Rover: Electrical Problem- 2002 Range

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Electrical Problem- 2002 Range Rover HSE. I'm having some trouble with my new-to-me Range Rover. It has just under 100K miles. The center console between the two front seats does not work. Buttons control all four windows, the sunroof, and the exterior rear view mirrors. It all just went out one day. I don't remember any warning signs or intermittent operation. I checked the manual and tested all the fuses. Each of the functions is separately fused. Nothing else seems to be malfunctioning (e.g., air conditioning, signals, lights, radio, etc.). Any ideas? --Mike G

Hello, I'm Chris. Thanks for visiting Just Answer.


The sun roof, power windows and mirrors in the center console all have 2 things in common. Fuse 1 10amp in the BECM under the front passenger seat powers the purple/blue wire to each switch. Each switch also gets ground from E0808 which is next to the BECM.


Both of these need to be checked.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris,

I checked the fuse and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I took off the plastic covering under the passenger seat but can't seem to locate the E0808 or a purple/blue wire, but I have a mechanic looking at it tomorrow morning at 10 EST. I'll show him your response. Is there anything else you think it might be? I looked at the manual and Fuse 1 also controls the clock and the navigation system, but both of those are working fine, so I'm wondering if there is a next logical place to look...


If the fuse is fine then we need to access the switches inside the center console to check the power there to see if the wire is broken somewhere in the harness.


Let me know the results of him checking the power and ground, and let me know if a wire diagram is needed.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If you have a wire diagram in advance of his visit that would be great. I'm supposed to drive 21 hours on Sunday so I'm kinda under the gun. Is it something you could email or fax?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cool. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm printing these out and will bring them with me in the morning. I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed. -Mike

Your welcome Mike



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