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I have a lot of problems after I detailed my car. What could it be?

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2004 G35 coupe. I had the car detailed, interior, exterior, engine compartment. Didn't drive the car for 3 days, then drove for 1 night, everything was fine, next morning I started it, and found the cluster fully dead, airbag and seat belt lights go on but speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temp gauges are off completely, even the light inside the cluster is dead. I though I have to give it a couple of days to dry or something, it's been 2 weeks, same problem....couple of days ago I noticed that tip-tronic is also dead. Nothing happens at all.... Like it's in drive at all times. What could it be and how much did my detail actually cost me?

From what you have described here this sounds like the detailer may have got the vehicle electronics wet in your vehicle and shorted out a component in the vehicle causing the issues here,there may be more then one component that was shorted and is at fault here.

This may be an internal electrical fault in the instrument cluster itself that may need replaced to correct this as well as the tip-tronic components.

What needs to be done from here is to have the fault codes checked with a scan tool that can communicate with all computers in your vehicle to see what codes have set.Once this has been done then it can be diagnosed to locate the components at fault and repaired from there to correct the fault.

If found when checked into there is liquid or similar in the electrical components I would speak with the detail shop to see if they will help with the costs for repair.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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