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CX-7 Mazda: I have a 2008 mazda CX-7 and I am replacing the

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I have a 2008 mazda CX-7 and I am replacing the front brakes. I have do this on my other vehicles plenty of times.

The vehicle needed rotors, pads and I decided to by the hardware. all from the dealer.

The rotor the parts guy at the dealer gave me did not have a the 2 set screws drilled. He said that they are no longer needed. Is this true?

Also the pads that he gave me already have a squel plate attached as show in the picture.
The problem I am having is that the harware kit I purchased has a holed heat plate and a solid metal plate. Do I need these and if so do I take the metal plate off of the new pad and replace it with the hardware kit? Solid metal plate on the hardware kit doesn't quite fit. I think that I may be able to just use the brake pad with the metal plate attached.

Good morning my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you today.


The screws are not needed. they were installed to keep the rotors secure while going down the assembly line when the car was manufactured. After that time, you can discard them as the wheel will hold them secure.


As far as the pads, the one plate is already installed and not needed to add. The hardware kit you got contained the plate that was already secured to the new pad. It is a anti squeel kit provided for noisy brakes.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.



So, Are you telling me that the two plates, solid and holed are not required on the new pads, because the plate is already attached to the new pad?





In my opinion, I install them out of the box as they are. the hardware kit is for someone who is complaining of noise and the pads, usually aftermarket do not contain the plate to keep the pads stable in the mount.



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