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Infinity FX 35: Im having problems with my transfer case How

Customer Question

I'm having problems with my transfer case How do I check the fluids In the transfer case
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Edward replied 3 years ago.

Edward :

Hello and thanks for your question. My name is Eddie and I will do all I can to help.

Edward :

One the front of the transfer case, you should see a drain plug, you remove this drain plug and use a suction gun to push in the new fluid.

Edward :

Take out the drain plug, and drain it first. then tighten the drain plug,

Edward :

Your transfer case holds 2.6 pints of fluid.

Edward :

Here are the specifications.

Edward :

Engine Oil with Filter 5
Automatic Transmission / Transaxle 5 spd 21.2
Transfer Case (pts) 2.6
Drive Axle Front (pts) 1.4
Drive Axle Rear (pts) 3
Center Differential (pts) NA
Fuel Tank (gal) 23.75
Cooling System (qts) 8.6
Final Drive (pts) NA
Edward :

After draining the transfer case fluid, remove the fill plug and push in the new fluid with a suction gun.

Edward :

Infiniti recommends Nissan Matic "D" type fluid in your transfer case, let me know if you have any further questions.

JACUSTOMER-fefnt9g7- : yes and thank you the problem has in it stays in all wheel drive so I want to know if it was the flu it or not I want to see how much true it was in the transfer case
Edward :

Alright, I understand, What made you believe your technician did not install the transfer case correctly?

JACUSTOMER-fefnt9g7- : I was told the car stays in all wheel drive all the time I know this is not true it's an all wheel drive FX 35 the switches to will to all wheel drive automatic Lee accordance how to cars being driven the problem started with a transfer case somehow crack and had to be replaced that's when the car never drove the same always have problems replace an axle another being able to make a 360 turn 1 shot now seems like I can't get the car all wheel drive it doesn't switch maybe it's the flui d in the transfer case
JACUSTOMER-fefnt9g7- : can afford to keep buying axles for this car because the transfer case keep knocking them out
Edward :

I understand. Look closely at your front and rear tires. Are they the exact same size? If mismatched size tires were ever put on , that could explain it.

JACUSTOMER-fefnt9g7- : hello thanks again for that answer all my ties are the exact same size: the ones made for FX 35 Infiniti / the car is always an all wheel drive it should it should switch from two will drive to all wheel drive according to driving conditions. my question is how do I get mind Finity to switch from all wheel drive or two wheel drive the way it's supposed to
Edward :

There is a module and a component on the transfer case that engages the transfer case when the ABS module detects slippage. What you need to do, is put it on a lift, all 4 wheels. Where on a lift, slippage is simulated. because the main drive wheels are in the air, so all 4 should spin. If they do not, Then the first thing I would check would be the codes in all the modules including ABS module. This will take an advanced type scanner. A regular OBD II type scanner for just engine codes will not work. Depending on what codes are stored, that will help pinpoint the cause of failure.

JACUSTOMER-fefnt9g7- : thank you ed really sounds worth looking into thank you very much for that answer
Edward :

Absolutely. Thank you.