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2.8 CRD LTD: Hi. My name isXXXXX

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Hi. My name isXXXXX have a 2009 Jeep Cherokee Ltd. Whenever I encounter rough road conditions, especially corrugations, the side mirrors rattle somewhat awful. I have also seen the left hand mirror move a bit in strong wind conditions. When trying to move them by hand, there is a lot of play/mirror movement. Is there anything I can do to tighten it up? Maybe new spindles?

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There is some normal movement in these when hitting bumps but if they're moving in the wind that's excessive. If you can feel play in them when moving the glass by hand then it sounds like somehow the adjuster mechanisms are worn out. The glass may not be snapped in correctly, but if that were the case I think they would have fallen out by now.


Unfortunately no internal mirror parts are serviceable, the glass is the only part of the mirror that can be purchased separately. If your mirrors are actually looser than normal then they're going to need to be replaced to take care of this. It wouldn't be a bad idea to compare them to another vehicle if possible, but they shouldn't be moving in the wind.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it Is not the glass part, but the complete mirror assembly . Worn out stalk ?

If the whole assembly is shaking excessively then it has to be worn where the mirror pivots, assuming that the whole thing isn't loose where it mounts to the door.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, Thanks looks like the pivot to me. Fit to the door is fine. Can the pivots be replaced??

The only part of the mirror that can't be replaced separately is the glass. The rest of the mirror is serviced as an assembly.
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