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jag xj6: i have a 1996 jag xj6 & have a warning light that

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i have a 1996 jag xj6 & have a warning light that comes on the dash that looks like a horn with an x going through it . the car will run rough when the engine warms up & begin stalling. i live 6 hrs away from any shop that is capable of working on this car . any help would be appreciated. thanks robert.
Welcome! The warning light you refer to is for the transmission (#29 on the graphic). It lights up when the onboard system detects a fault that affects proper operation. There should be other codes stored in the system's memory pertaining to the rough running and stalling. These codes can be extracted with a generic code reader (places like Advance Auto, AutoZone and O'Reilly's do this for free). Once we know what the codes are, we can help you with the corresponding diagnosis and repair.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so is there more than one issue with the car, because i cant see the transmission light coming on , & making the engine run that rough. they are both different components, i guess what im asking is there an issue with both the engine & transmission, since the tranny light is on & there is no indication, or check engine light coming on.

Yes. By your description of symptoms, there seem to be issues not only with the transmission, but with the engine as well. Have the system scanned as soon as possible.

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