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BMW X5 3.0i: I have been reading the help you gave to a BMW

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I have been reading the help you gave to a BMW x5 2002 owner ref blower motor repair. I have a 2003 BMW x5 with a faulty blower motor. I have been advised by the local dealership that it needs to be replaced, and yet two weeks ago they 'shocked' it to get it working. This lasted until yesterday - can you tell me what they may have done to get it working, without removing the dash, whilst I either save up to replace it, or pluck up courage to follow our guidance given to others! Your expert help would be appreciated. With thanks

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I believe what they did was hit the motor. With a failing window motor, blower motor, fan motor, fuel pumps, etc, you can often get them to work again temporarily by turning it on and then smacking it with a mallet or hammer. Window motors are probably the most common thing to do this with. I believe what they probably did was tap on the blower motor with something to jar the brushes and get it working again. Until you're able to get the motor replaced you can try it again, turn the key on and blower on, use something to get in and tap on the motor or heater box in that area and see if it will start working again.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How can I access please to hit blower motor easily? With thanks
The blower motor is in the center of the heater box which is in about the center of the dash. You should be able to go in through the radio opening and get pretty close to the motor. If you remove the volume knob it will expose a Torx screw, if you turn the screw 90 degrees then the radio will slide out.
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