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Mazda Tribute: 2003 Mazda Tribute. Had Brake Booster Changed

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2003 Mazda Tribute. Had Brake Booster Changed now no Cruise Control. Plungers on brake switch and CC switch appear to be adequately pressed by the brake pedal however as I am not a mechanic I cannot be certain. CC indicator lights do not come on when steering wheel CC on switch is pressed. Only thing that works is when I press and hold CC Off Switch at same time as turning ignition to on the Cruise Control light flashes once, then quickly pressing CC "on" button (one flash), "Resume" (one flash),\, "Coast" (one flash) "Set/Accelerate" (three flashes). CC cable appears to be adequately connected to the throttle (next to the accelerator cable??) and appears to be connected correctly to the CC Module (box shape with a flat silver metal top plate in front of Brake Master Cylinder?). Any ideas please?

Hello I'm Richard and I will do my best to assist you today .Good call the only explanation if it was working fine before the booster install is that the brake switches aren't adjusted properly .The pins on the switches themselves should be completely seated against the pedal lever ,if not the cc system thinks you're depressing the pedal and does not fully engage CC.You need to verify this before we diagnose anything else .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is an audible "click" from somewhere under the dash when the brake switch is pressed in but no audible "click" anywhere when the CC switch is pressed in by hand (don't know if there should be or not?). The CC plunger does press in a little when brake pedal is released however not as much as the brake switch. Obviously I can't take the car for a test drive whilst hold the CC plunger in so how would I test that the plunger is seated in far enough please?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been requested to rate your reply however I haven't received the reply to my further query.??

I apologize for the delay my home pc and internet where down .The plunger on the brake pedal for the cc should depress all the way and it is adjustable so first we need to adjust this so we can further test.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

and how does one adjust it please?

Basically by either pulling or pushing on the lever that presses up against the switch itself .
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