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GMC Terrain: hi bernard. I think I am experiencing this exact

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hi bernard. I think I am experiencing this exact same problem with the gmc terrain battery drain recall. i have a 2011 and have noticing this problem on an intermittent bssis througout the time ive had the vehicle. but in the past month, it has happened to me 6 different times, as i have not been driving due to having back surgery. i even took the car in and got a brand new battery put in, and just had it happen to me again! some items to note at the same time: when the car does not start, the key also gets stuck in the transmission. additionally, none of the buttons on either of the key fobs will function when this problem occurs. can u please check my vin to see if I was part of this recall as well? I would greatly appreciate it! the last 8 of my vin are: B6324413. thamks in advance!
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you ,first I need a bit of info or history ,How long is the vehicle parked for between start ups and how long ago was the battery replaced .I have the vin but I didn't see any bulletins for your truck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi richard. the shortest time between starts is 48-72 hours, and has gone as long as a week to two weeks between starts. but most of the time, it is happening in that shorter time span, around 3 days between starts. the battery was just replaced with a brand new one a week ago!

Yes there is a bulletin for this specific issue .The body control module needs to be reprogrammed by your dealer .The bulletin number is XXXXX if you need it for your dealer .When there are bulletin for specific issues dealer sometimes covers the labor costs so be sure to mention the bulletin number I supplied .Thank you for using just answer and remember to give a good rating for credit .
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi richard. thanks for the info so far and for providing the bulletin number. but just one last point... do you have any advice for what I can do to possibly get reimbursed for that battery it sounds like I probably DIDN'T need to get replaced? It sounds like the dealer *should* take care of the true issue no charge, under the bulletin and also because the vehicle is still under warranty, but do you think I am out the $125 I just spent getting a probable "perfectly fine" battery replaced by an independent shop?

Unfortunately they probably cycled the battery out but it is worth a try .Keep in mind that even new batteries are damaged when fully discharged ,not always but often they loose the capability to recharge fully .If the truck is under warr then absolutely yes they should cover it .
Yes there is a TSB for a battery drain issue for this model.The bulletin number is 11004 which talks about the battery drain issue and can be corrected by reprogramming the body control module at your local dealer with the upgraded software .Usually when they post a bulletin on a specific issue they usually cover the costs not always but usually .I hope this canm help you resolve your issue and remember to give a good rating ,have a blessed day.