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Isuzu Axiom: m car was running great until yesterday when I

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m car was running great until yesterday when I was driving in traffic dong around 40 and all of a sudden the engine began to rev as if I had depressed the gas pedal to the floor. After this the response to acceleration was slow but it was still moving. I drove it to the store and when I got out the battery would not turn over. I had it jump started and was able to get home, except on the way home the needles on the rpm guage and the speed guage kept moving back ad forth from whee I was currently to zero. The odometer kept going blank then coming on.I Now it will not start again. ANy idea what may be wrong? Should I get it numpstarted and drive it to the garage (about 5 miles away) or should I have it towed?

There are several possible causes that are a bit wide ranging -

weak battery due to faulty alternator. On newer vehicles, low voltage due to weak battery affects all the control modules(onboard computers), which cause a wide range of symptoms including multiple warning lights on, gauges going haywire, poor throttle response as it is electronically controlled, stalling out, and other symptoms.

faulty ECM(engine control module)

fauly ignition switch

faulty throttle body.

any of these can actually leave you stranded before you could complete the short drive to a repair shop. For that reason, I would have it towed to the shop rather than chance driving it and becoming stranded and needing to call for a tow anyway at that point
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Eric


you are welcome. When you get the diagnosis and estimate, you can re-open this question and let me know and I can tell you if it is a fair estimate or not. This followup is FREE