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Chryl. PT cruis.: Good Morning; We have a PT Crus. mdl.

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Good Morning;

We have a PT Crus. mdl. year 8/2003 with a 2.4 motor. It will not start and run.
I want to give some history of our checking out this problem. First the fuel pump is working. You can hear it running. We have replaced fuses and relays. With ignition on and off, I can feel relays tripping on and off. We have removed spark plugs, cleaned and re gaped. There is fire at each plug from plug wires. I have checked each injector with a noid lite and they are all pulsing. Fuel pressure is a constant 60psi with key on and cranking. No loss of fuel pressure at all. We then took a compression test and found it had little bit in cyln's 2 and 4. Then we did a wet test putting some oil in each cyln.
Now we got 160 psi in the cylns. I think this eng. is suppose to 170psi to 220psi. Can't hardly believe that. With compression, fuel spark it still will not start. Where do I go from here? Thanking you for any help that will this problem.
What exactly were the readings on 2 & 4? Also what is the mileage on the engine and have you previously noticed any smoking issues?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Readings on 2 were( dry test) 90, (wet test) 170. On cyln. 4 ( dry test) 10, (wet test) 160. I know that it over 100 thousand miles, But I am not at the garage right now to give you the correct mileage. This is my partners sister/in/law car. Neither of us have seen any smoking from car before we had it towed to our garage.

Thanks for that information. As you know a wet test is used to confirm if there is a ring sealing problem and in this case there definetly is. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it will need to be torn down and re ringed if the bore is within spec or have the engine rebuilt or replaced.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes we do know that the cyln. walls were dry and the rings are not keeping a seal. you have answered what I have suspected since the first dry compress. test. We have rebuilt engs. for the last 40 years. Lately we have been just changing eng. out. In fact we have one outside that we will bee changing out the eng. we just got it yesterday. Anyway, because I am 78 years old and my partner is 76 years old, I thought perhaps there might be something new that we were missing in these cars of newer years. But as you can see, we still do the old fashion basic testing. It generally never really ever fails us. Thank you again for your time and your answer.