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Toyota Echo: Toyota Echo 2002Seeking to install power Socket

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Toyota Echo 2002
Seeking to install power Socket inside Upper Glove Box for SatNAv.
How do I remove the Upper Glove Box. I tried to "Pop" it out by leaving on both sides - will not move - indeed the Metal Lid Catch is now loose - I have dislodged something.
Appreciate advice. John
hello, i am from America so i believe the steering wheel is on the other side of the car but the glovebox should be the same, you need to open the glovebox and push on the sides of it, the sides that were hidden when the door was closed, push them in and pull the assembly down and towards you at the same time
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for advise - howver I think we rae talking about tow different Glove Boxes. I am referring to the samll compartment onto top of the dashboard - which is above the Main Glowve Box - which has a Drop Down and Pull Up Lid. The Upper Glove Box only lifts up. Now - in the US - this compartment may well have an Air Bag as the replacement. However Lift Out proceedure should be the same. Thanks John

according to my information once you remove the lower glove box there is a central bolt that must be removed then the air bag in my case tips upward towards the glass then is pulled towards you