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Kia Sorento EX: 2006 sorento, check engine light code po016.

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2006 sorento, check engine light code po016. (cam/crank sensor). car wouldn't start then did. i put on cam shaft sensor on ( up on front of engine) started find then, code gone. then started getting code again. runs fine. 105k miles. kia said needs crank pos. sensor and change timing belt while you have cover off. did so. next day code is back on????


Let's start with the proper definition of code P0016; it comes up when the computer (PCM) sees a correlation error between the Cam and Crank sensor signals. It doesn't necessarily mean that either sensor is bad. What it does mean is that the cams and crank are not rotating in the correct relation to one another. This could be caused by incorrect settings, or a stretched timing belt, or a worn or misadjusted tensioner (which should be replaced with the timing belt.)

To confirm the diagnosis, remove the timing cover and rotate the crank clockwise until all the timing marks are aligned (click here to see graphic). Check that timing belt tensioner rod is not extended more than 4.5 mm. If OK, again turn engine one full revolution until all marks align. If OK, check Cam and Crank sensor connectors and wiring; repair or replace as necessary.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

as you can see from 1st question i put on new belt (but no tensioner, should have while there) and timed. it runs good, but still has code.

I understand your frustration. We see this type of thing all the time at the dealer with customer vehicles on which the timing belt was replaced but either the tensioner was not, or the new tensioner was not set correctly. Since Kia started guaranteeing these engines for 100,000 miles, they designed the engine control software in such a way that the smallest variation in base valve timing will be picked up by the sensors and the PCM will trigger the P016 code. That way they protect themselves from having to replace the engine under warranty.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


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