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Chrysler Pacifica: Have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica all wheel

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Have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica all wheel drive. I just changed the rear brake pads and rotors (brand new) & rear passager side caliber as well. bleed brakes and test drove it no problems, next day wife was driving to work and said she is hearing a rubbing or whopping sound from back. was told at shop we took it to a few days ago that she need brakes, rotor, tires and this stablizer bar,(tires all the way around).So this stablizer bar in the back, to me what they showed me was a bar that was connected to a stablizer pin and went all the way under the car to the other side. The tech from pepboys show us. When I change the brakes and rotors I didnt hear any nosies at that time & I drove the car at less at 25mph. She just told me she was hearing the noise at 5mph and when she got up in speed it got louder. So Im trying to see what could that noise be coming from? And like I was told at pepboys that bar is what was causing the noise but never was told the name of that bar and it looks really long like i said it connects to a stabilzer pin and the bar goes all the way under to other side of car. Please help trying to save money and do it myself, I went to school to work on car and due it in my spare time just cant find out what this noise is or the name of that bar.

That is called a stabilizer bar, it basically tries to keep the body from leaning in turns. Did you ask them why it needed brakes if you just replaced them? What did they say?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well we went to c what was wrong with car first and was told the items need on the back wheels which were brakes and rotor and that bar cause he said that what was making the noise but she needs tires as well but I change the brakes and rotor but not that bar and pin that's is connected to it
Well if the brakes took care of it you should be good. That bar will not cause noise other than an occasional knock over bumps. And if the tires are worn unevenly they could make some noise, but that is usually at higher speeds. Make sure if you do change tires that you do all 4. The all wheel drive system can give you problems with mismatched tires.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So if the tires r bad then that could b the noise she is hearing. All so that stabilizer pin looks a little weak on the rear end so changing that would help as well. And she jus said it got loader when she went faster so I think it mite be the tires on that noises and one more thing when removing the stuts as one unit the fully load one u just remove and replace them rite
Yes, it could very well be the tires then. And also yes, loaded struts are fully assembled and ready to be installed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks a lot for the help I have a small job a head of me I jus wanted to know if it was easy to do the strut and need to do the inner and outter ends on both sides and ill be done with the car. Thanks again
Sounds good, thanks for using JA!
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