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Saab: 95 saab turbo 900 air and heater fan wont come on is

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95 saab turbo 900 air and heater fan won't come on is there a sensor or relay that is out and where is it

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


The blower motor is actually powered through the ignition switch rather than a relay.


Check the fuse if you haven't already.


If the fuse is good then the problem will be the ignition switch, wiring, the blower motor resistor, control head or the blower motor. The switch or resistor would be most likely, but in cases where power is fed directly through the ignition switch it's not uncommon for the switch to fail.


Resistor failures are probably the most common cause of a blower motor not working. The resistor is what steps down the available current to the blower motor to give you the different speeds. You can check for power coming to the resistor on each of the four wires for the different speeds , if there is power there then you know the ignition switch, control head, fuse and wiring are ok. If there is power into the resistor but not leaving to the blower motor then the resistor has failed.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Where is that resister?
The resistor is near the blower motor, accessed from outside the car. To access the motor or resistor you'd need to remove the wiper arms, cowl and wiper unit and this will expose the heater box air intake over on the right side. After the cabin filter and intake duct are removed then the motor and resistor are exposed.
sprinkles08 and 4 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I need some small parts for 95 saab 900 turbo convertible what are interchangeable need hood spare tire-small temparey one.plastic part for drivers seat molding small piece behind controls on back corner what are interchangeable years and models

Unfortunately I don't have access to a full Saab parts catalog so I may not be much help with interchange. I can take a look this evening when I can get to the resources I do have and see what I can come up with.